Go Glamping

Check out these five resorts that let you "rough it" in the lap of luxury.

Hey, city slickers, welcome to “glamping,” a portmanteau combining glamour and camping, if that wasn’t abundantly clear. If you enjoy the concept of nature but loathe the thought of life without comfort and indoor plumbing, these five resorts let you “rough it” in the lap of luxury.

1. El Capitan Canyon

11560 Calle Real – Santa Barbara, CA 93117

elcapitancanyonLocated 20 miles north of Santa Barbara, this nature lodge gets you back to the Earth in a tricked-out cedar suite. Enjoy amenities like wellness treatments, yoga, top-notch linens, and wine tasting. Sign up for unique activities like the llama hike or spend the afternoon sunning at the nearby beach.

2. The Resort at Paws Up

40060 Paws Up Road – Greenough, MT 59823

This 37,000 acre cattle ranch in the heart of Montana is the epitome of “rustic elegance.” Hole up in a safari-style tent suite on the banks of Elk Creek and enjoy the comforts of home, plus luxe extras like a camp butler and chef.

3. Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole Campground

2780 N. Moose Wilson Rd. – Wilson, WY 83014

This glam camper’s dream offers all the benefits of the great outdoors (campfires, stargazing, fresh air, tent living) without having to actually get your hands dirty. Enjoy hotel musts (king size bed, concierge) plus access to an on-call glamping butler ready to attend to all your nature needs (s’mores anyone?).

4. Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Deer Lake Estates – Wimberley, TX 98676

SinyaonLoneManCreekSettle into the four-star version of “Swiss Family Robinson” at this eco-friendly resort overlooking Lone Man Creek. This Texas treasure knows the devil is in the details: modified safari tent suites with claw foot tubs, Turkish towels, gourmet coffee, and a porch hammock made for afternoon naps. No need to bring your own shampoo — guests are gifted organic bath products.

5. Dunton Hot Springs and Cresto Ranch

52068 Road 38 – Dolores, CO 81323

Get your Rocky Mountain high in a deluxe tent with a large en-suite bath, rustic chic linens, and large claw foot tub. No need to rustle up some grub — this intimate, all-inclusive resort also boasts a nearby main lodge with first-rate dining. Beautiful views of the San Juan Mountains and Dolores River are included for your pleasure. And the Dunton Hot Springs are just a few miles up the road.