Pastel Painting Your Home

Here are some of our favorite fun, colorful ways to use pastels in your home.


Pastel colors — especially pink — are all over the runways and in editorials this fall. These fresh hues have a positive and soothing effect, perfect not only for incorporating into your wardrobe but in your house as well. Here’s what you need to know about pastel painting your home and our favorite ways to use light colors in home decor.

Put a trendy twist on traditional decor with pastel striped walls in your dining room. Both classic and modern, this is also easy to do yourself. Start with a white base coat of paint and use masking tape to measure equal sections to paint in your pastel color of choice.

Work a more light-hearted color scheme into your kitchen by adding appliances, dishes and decor items in fun pastel colors. They go particularly well with whites, grays and stainless steel appliances.

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Painting walls in lighter shades can make rooms appear larger, which is great for adding visual depth to tight spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. It also makes brighter shades pop, so add a few bright accent pieces like artwork, pillows, or curtains to liven up the room.

Kids’ rooms are perfect for pastel shades. Light blue and pink are thought to have a calming effect — maybe there’s something to those traditional baby colors after all? Stencils are an easy way to add some fun. Use white paint for a softer feel and dark gray or black for a more contemporary cool look.

Finally, clean mid-century modern furniture pieces lend themselves particularly well to candy-colored hues. Rummage through flea markets for sturdy metal pieces and have them powder-coated in your favorite pastel shade. You may just notice a positive change in your mood immediately.