Nautical Style That Won't Make You Seasick

Follow a few fashion tips to keep your look seaworthy, not seasick.

The nautical look is a classic style, surging in popularity whenever the weather is warm. But unless you’re heading to a costume party dressed as a sailor, it’s a look best kept subtle. Follow a few fashion tips to keep your look seaworthy, not seasick.

· If you’re rocking a striped boatneck top with buttons at the shoulders, flared pants with a double row of buttons down the front, boat shoes and anchor jewelry, you’re in serious danger of falling overboard. Stay safe with one or two nautical elements at a time.

· Nautical style is practically synonymous with striped tops. Those simple lines can magnify flaws, however, making them tricky to wear. Choose thin stripes to play down trouble areas. Add a belt at least twice the width of the stripes for the most slimming, flattering effect.

· If a top with stripes from top to bottom doesn’t float your boat, choose fashion pieces with just a touch of this nautical staple. Look for a striped border around skirt or pants hems, a few stripes at the wrist of a long-sleeved top or stripes just around the neckline. Or forego stripes altogether in favor of a tee emblazoned with an anchor, ship’s wheel or navy and white color blocking.

· The quintessential nautical color scheme is navy and white, with touches of red. If those aren’t your favorites, though, feel free to substitute. A striped sailor shirt in black, moss green, deep orange or dark gray atop flared black or denim pants gives a contemporary update to nautical wear.

· Accessories are half the fun of joining the fashion navy, but keep them under control. Choose just one accent piece:

§ Anchor-patterned scarf

§ Rope-trimmed shoes

§ Brass buttons on your top, jacket or pants

§ Anchor or ship’s wheel jewelry

§ Handbag with boat motifs