Kitchen Colors: Appliances and Decor

Get familiar with the power of kitchen colors. Picking appliances that match not only give the room a streamlined aesthetic, but can actually create a calming, welcoming vibe.


Mix-and-match decor is extremely on-trend, but there’s one room in your house where you may want to consider going monochromatic — the kitchen. Picking appliances that match in color and style not only gives the room a streamlined aesthetic, but when coordinated thoughtfully, can actually create a calming, welcoming vibe.

The Power of Kitchen Colors

It’s no secret that the color of a room and its contents can dramatically affect a person’s mood. Trying to figure out which kitchen colors to move forward with? Peppering the room with appliances in a variety of colors can give mixed signals: Should you feel calm? Hungry? Excited?

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Try picking a main shade. Standard white or silver may prove to be your jam, but know that, these days, appliances come in a rainbow’s worth of colors. HGTV gives readers a rundown of the meaning behind each all kitchen colors:

White: cleanliness, purity

Beige: stability, harmony

Yellow: promotes socialization

Blue: curbs hunger

Green: promotes digestion

While HGTV warns about using red (it’s a fiery color that can throw the vibe of a room off kilter) according to Satyendra Singh’s paper, The Impact of Color on Marketing, it’s a shade that raises our metabolism and promotes hunger. So if you’re dealing with a household of picky eaters, you may want to consider making it your go-to.

Picking appliances from the same manufacturer can also make it easier to navigate the kitchen. Often times, appliances from the same line will have similar tech aspects, such as control panels, handles, and pulls. This not only gives the kitchen a consistent aesthetic, but learn how to use one appliance and the rest are usually a cinch to master.