Green Thumb 101: Indoor Vertical Wall Garden

Here's a Green Thumb 101 tip for you: Pick a wall that gets sun and start planting!


Long gone are the days when setting few potted plants on the windowsill constituted an indoor garden. Today’s green thumb can create a lush indoor scape in a minimal amount of space thanks to the advent of vertical gardens.

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The secret to these nifty planters is that they let you grow your flora and fauna from floor to ceiling rather than wall to wall. This streamlined design makes them major space savers in tiny dwellings. And they’re easy to maintain — like potted plants, a little soil, water and sunlight will keep them in bloom.

Keep these Green Thumb 101 tips in mind:

1. Pick a wall that gets sun. Even shade-loving plants still need a little Vitamin D.

2. Don’t limit your indoor garden to house plants and flowers. Use this as an opportunity to try you hand at growing herbs.

3. Be diligent about pruning and checking for bugs. Overgrowth and unwanted critters can prove to be a nightmare, especially indoors.

4. Cultivate your greenery with care and wall mount units can also double as living artwork.

If you’re looking for a…

Free Standing Unit. Try William Sonoma Free Standing Veritcal Garden. Not only does this baby stand on it’s own, but the addition of an irrigation system with moisture mat technology means your plants are always watered evenly.

Beginner Garden. Try Urbio’s Big Happy Family. This mod looking wall-mount system has six small magnetic pods you can rearrange on a metal wall plate. It’s great for garden newbies and kids.

Living Wall. Try GroVert’s Living Wall Planter by Bright Green. Pick the right mix of flora and fauna and suddenly this chic planter puts posters and paintings to shame.