Raise the Roof: Ceiling Decorations

Leave no corner undecorated with these four ceiling decoration suggestions.


You’ve got the walls covered. Now it’s time to devote some TLC to what lies above you. Yes, ceilings have become the last bastion of design. Raise the roof and leave no corner undecorated with one of these four ceiling decorations.

Faux Ceiling Beams. Looking to add a rustic touch? Give your home a dose of cabin fever by adding faux ceiling beams. If you’re feeling particularly handy, the DIY Network has step-by-step instructions on how to install here.

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Faux Crown Molding. These days the only abodes that come decked out in crown molding are pre-war apartments — but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake this classic bit of decor in your own home. And why wait? This kind of addition gives any room a regal touch. Hire a professional to do the dirty work or be adventurous and do the installation all on your own.

Recessed Ceiling Tiles. Like crown molding, these babies are another way to give your home pre-war charm. Know though, that recessed ceiling tiles (also known as a coffered ceiling) work best in formal rooms like the living room and dining room. You can choose from simple tiles or be bold and opt for something with an intricate design.

Tin Ceiling. A tin ceiling instantly turns any room into an architectural showpiece. Dress up the bathroom in your industrial modern loft or give the kitchen in your Shaker home a major dose of wow. Though installation may seem like a complicated endeavor, there are snaplock tiles that make the job easy by screwing directly into the ceiling.

Wallpaper. Skip putting it on the walls and instead reserve a spot for it on the ceiling. Yes, adding a bold print (and we did say bold print) can really make a room sing. Note to self: If you choose a wallpapered ceiling know it will pull focus so keep the walls simple.